BFA Graphic Design Exhibition 2012
Our Concept


If things turn out exactly how you expected it to, then it probably isn't as good as it can be.


MAKE SHIFT is about discovery through process, and growth through change. As designers, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to tackle on challenges we encounter, striving to create something better than the preexisting. It is not until we step out of our comfort zone, learn from the mistakes we make along the way, and explore options do we actually begin to shift our thinking.

MAKE SHIFT encourages you to adopt this idea. Don't make assumptions about what you think you already know. Take bigger risks and see how the outcomes can differ. Break the mold and stand out. Create to impact versus to follow a trend. We've even given you the opportunity to explore and decide which mark best completes our show title. You never know what discoveries can be made until you attempt something new.


So, how will you MAKE SHIFT?



"Graphic design is an experience that seeks to influence audiences through visual communication. It accomplishes this by utilizing the creative process to fuse form and content.

We will create an exhibition that engages audiences by challenging their preconceptions of graphic design, leaving them with a broader knowledge of its impact.





December 7–14, 12–9pm
fri. 12/7: opening reception, 5–10pm
wed. & thurs. 12/12–12/13: professional nights, 6–9pm


WORKS/San José

365 south market street

san josé, ca 95113








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Joe Miller (BFA exhibition instructor)

Randall Sexton

Lanning Stern


Special thanks to the professors that mentored us through the BFA program!


Barbara Allie
Chuck Byrne
Andrea English
Jean Benoit-Levy
Julio Martinez
Alvin Thompson

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